DiversiTech Coil Guard CG-AER 19 fl oz (Clear Formula)


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• Coats coils evenly and completely
• Prevents corrosion and weathering
• Protects coils to extend life
• Does not affect heat transfer ability
• Protects against dirt, salt and chemicals
• Available in Clear and Blue formulas
• Improves indoor air quality
• Saves money by reducing wear and extending coil life
• Protects without affecting heat transfer
Coil Guard™ improves indoor air quality (IAQ) and helps prevent
“Dirty Sock Syndrome” and industrial pollutants. Ideal Protection
for Food Service Applications. Laboratory and field tested. Coil
Guard forms a very durable protective coating that is fast drying for
ease of use. Coil Guard offers excellent resistance to salt spray and
chemical buildup such as alcohol and soap residues. When properly
applied, Coil Guard provides excellent resistance to weathering
without discoloration. The high dielectric formulation reduces risk
of accidental electrical shorts and has no negative effect on heat
transfer properties of the equipment.
1. Remove all soils from the surface to be treated. Thorough cleaning
of the coils is recommended even on new surfaces to ensure proper
adherence of product.
2. Shake can prior to use and stop occasionally to shake during
application process.
3. Protect adjacent areas from over spray and apply Coil Guard in an even sweeping motion.
4. Coil Guard performs best when applied with 2-3 coats as opposed to one heavy coat.
5. For best results run unit when applying to draw the product deep into the coils and allow to dry for 30
minutes. Full cure occurs in approximately 2 hours.
6. Apply when product, surface, and air temperature are above 40°F (4°C) and dew point is not within
5°F (3°C) of surface temperature.
7. Do not apply in damp weather or with impending rain as excess moisture within full cure time will result
in wash out of product.

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