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Anywhere anytime!
Place your Chilly air conditioner discreetly in a corner, along a wall, or wherever you have access to a window and enjoy some well-deserved fresh and chilled air!

Respect the environment!
Rated as energy class A, this unit is very efficient for its category.

With its triple, cooling, dehumidification, and fan modes, for higher levels of performance!

Can you feel the breeze?
A great alternative if you are looking for a device that chills your area efficiently, unlike a normal fan that just recycles the warm air!

Besides its main purpose of providing a cool fresh atmosphere, the Chilly portable AC additionally has dehumidifying capabilities for a room environment that is not only refreshing and chilled but also free from dump as well.

Enjoy perfect air, while you are sleeping or resting, by enabling the Sleep mode. Let our Chilly do all the work while you focus on relaxing!

The “Sleep” mode feature allows you to set a time for the Chilly portable air conditioner to automatically adjust to a pleasant sleeping condition. The button is located on the remote control and is marked as “SLEEP”.

Mobility. Sculpted in its core!
As the hottest trend in cooling innovation, our new portable 9.000 Btu/h air conditioner “Chilly” provides ideal cooling conditions anywhere you decide to place it, for you and your beloved ones! Not only is it relatively lightweight and discreet in size, but its unique hose-style exhaust also frees up window space, letting in plenty of light. Simple in directions for immediate air relief. Rated at energy class “A” in combination with the new R290 refrigerant gas, promising high energy efficiency levels. Simply adjust the window slider, put the exhaust hose in place and experience fast, cold, soothing fresh air with one touch on the remote.

Low Noise Levels
A further contributing factor to excellent conditions in your environment is the low noise level which reaches a maximum power of 52dB.

Enjoy perfect air conditions, while you are sleeping or resting.

Let our Chilly do all the work while you focus on relaxing!

Remote Controller
The remote controller, with its clear cut LED screen, facilitates the convenient adjustment of both the temperature and other functions so that you can acquire an ideal environment!

The temperature and functions of your Chilly portable air conditioner may be adjusted with ease and comfort.

Whether you would like to cycle between modes, set the timer, set the sleep function or simply adjust the fan speeds, this is an easily performed task, even in the darkest room, as the remote controller with its bright LED display, allows you to avoid any hassles of turning on the lights at night to get a better viewing.

Window Kit (not included)

Window Kit
Window adapter
Adhesive and non-adhesive foam gaskets
*Window Kit” is not included in the package, it is in a separate box and could be ordered together with any purchase of the Chilly Portable A/C

With the Inventor Window Kit, windows are sealed to prevent hot air from entering and cold air loss. This greatly increases the efficiency of the air conditioner and the desired results are achieved faster.

For optimal results, cut the adhesive gaskets for proper fit and secure to the window frame. Non-adhesive gaskets are used to match the width of the window.

The window kit is suitable for sliding windows only! Other types of windows may require a Window Sea
“Dedicated only to perfection, all Inventor products, stand far from competition due to their robust, stylish, and innovative design. Our innovations in electric appliances are an everyday experience for people around the world. Via our devotion, to create superior products and services across all areas of expertise, we strive to enhance the quality of your living conditions.”

“Chill out” and enjoy all Seasons round!

Inventor Appliances presents the new portable air conditioner “Chilly” with its new refrigerant of latest technology R290!

With its minimalist and contemporary design and powerful performance of 9000BTU’s, this air conditioning unit is just what you need! You may now enjoy a quick-cooling solution for those extra-warm sunny days without having to sacrifice the good style of your household.

“Chilly” is designed for ultimate portability, it is compact in size, weighing 25.3 kg and measuring 35.5 cm (W) x 70.3 cm (H) x 34.5 cm (L), and it is also practical, equipped with built-in omnidirectional caster wheels, providing easy mobility.

Want more? Its solid and manageable grilles allow you to adjust the direction of the airflow, wherever you want, while the self-diagnostic function with immediate display of possible errors on screen, will warn you in case of a breakdown or a malfunction.

Chilly air conditioning is not only economical. Its R290 refrigerant does not damage the ozone layer and has practically no impact on global warming. For that reason, from an environmental point of view, air conditioners with R290 are considered to be the best and most advanced in their category. It is the updated version of older refrigerants such as R410A, R32, etc. and it is going to be the new standard from the beginning of 2020.

Add to that, Energy Efficiency A and we have powerful equipment and at the same time, we may achieve great energy savings.

Package Contains:

– Inventor Chilly 9000 mobile air conditioner

– Exhaust Hose with accessories

– Wireless remote controller (excl. 2x AAA batteries)

– Owner’s manual

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