Wagner Three Phase Motor Protector w/ Voltmeter/Timer/Relay


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Product Family Description:
Offers continuous protection against voltage anomalies which can damage compressors, motors and other sensitive electrically operated devices.
PROTECTION: Loss of Phase, Phase Reversal, Voltage Imbalance, Low Voltage, High Voltage
DISPLAY: Large custom LCD display indicates all operating conditions at a glance. Three large sets of digits provide easy system troubleshooting. VOLTMETER: Three independent voltmeters read both line and contactor load (backside) voltages. MONITORED VOLTAGE: 160 to 600 Volts 50-60 Hz. POWER SUPPLY: Power for the WPC-500 is automa¬tically derived from any active phase. System operation is not dependent on the control voltage or a specific phase for power.
CONTROL VOLTAGE: 19-277 VAC. Anticipator load is provided for operation with 24 volt electronic and mechanical thermostats.
OPERATING VOLTAGE SET POINT: 175 to 650 VAC. Digitally adjustable in one volt increments.
VOLTAGE TRIP POINT: Adjustable in 1% increments between 6% and 18% of selected operating voltage. Restart voltage set point (hysterisis) fixed at cutout voltage + 3%.
VOLTAGE SYMMETRY: Adjustable imbalance trip point from 2% to 25% of selected operating voltage. RESPONSE TIMES:
Phase Loss/Reversal: 100 mS max.
Imbalance: Adjustable Response Timer
Over or Under Voltage: Adjustable Response Timer LOCKOUT DELAY TIMER: Fully adjustable 0 to 720 Seconds (0 to 12 minutes). Digital display shows re- maining time and user set points.
SEQUENTIAL START TIMER: 0 to 30 seconds in one second increments.
RESPONSE TIMER: 0.1 to 20 Seconds. Digital display shows remaining time and user set points.
MEMORY: Up to 25 past fault conditions are stored for later retrieval and analysis. The faults may be dis- played or cleared by the front panel buttons.

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