Inventor Cassette Ac Unit 24000btu


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The Cassette indoor units of Inventor air conditioner, with their flexible size, can be placed on suspended ceilings of limited height. The modern panel guarantees a uniform air distribution offering a equable temperature levels throughout the room. Ensure your unit’s lifeline expansion thanks to the golden hydrophilic coating and satisfy every need of placement thanks to the built-in water pump. Centralized controls with multiple capabilities and extra features are specially designed to meet hotel, business and home-based requirements. Enjoy optimal performance with maximum energy savings and create the perfect conditions in your space no matter where you are through remote Wi-Fi management.


360° Air outlet: Enjoy optimum comfort, anywhere in the room. 360-degree directional wind coming out from 8 instead of 4 air outlets, can deliver air evenly throughout every corner in any space. Supplying 360-degree even airflow reduces hot and cold spots in the space, providing ultimate comfort.

Golden Fin
The ultimate protection of the air conditioner, especially at areas with high humidity levels and increased corrosive possibility, such as islands and coastal areas, can now be achieved. The golden, anticorrosive coating of the outdoor unit’s refrigerant, protects against salty air, rain and other corrosive elements, ensuring the effective performance of the air conditioner and the extension of its lifeline. The golden coating of the indoor unit refrigerant, thanks to its antibacterial action, allows you to enjoy a perfectly clean and healthy atmosphere!

Fresh air intake
Provided to handle the fresh air load for a clean and healthy environment.

Built-in drain pump
The drain pump can lift the condensing water up to 750mm, serving every kind of installation.

Low Ambient Cooling
The outdoor unit’s special design produces an efficient and effective cooling operation even at -15°C.

Auto Error Diagnosis
Once abnormal operation or parts failure happens, the unit will shut off automatically to protect the system. Meanwhile it will indicate protection or error code for fast service.

Smart Controller
Take advantage of the 4 choices to adjust the indoor unit’s fan speed and benefit from the Filter Cleaning Reminder mode, the Louver Position Memory, the Temperature Compensation sensor and the Higher/ Lower Temperature settings to create the ideal conditions in your place.

All DC Inverter
The fan motors of the indoor and outdoor units as well as the compressor have been upgraded to All DC Inverter technology. In this way, the compressor can change the capacity depending on the needs of the indoor atmosphere and create perfect conditions in your space.

Fan On/Off Switch
With the On / Off switch, you can choose whether you want the fan to continue operating after the unit is turned off or stop.

Temperature Offset Function
The perceived temperature by the indoor unit sensor may vary from the real temperature of the room, due to the position of the unit. Thanks to this function you can minimize the difference and achieve better conditions in your place.

Auto Restart
If the air conditioner breaks off unexpectedly due to the power cut, it will restart with the previous setting mode automatically when the power resume.

24-hour Timer
Set the unit to start and stop automatically in a 24h period.

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